KAN in DENIAL about climate change (!)

30 November, 2009

Demand Expanded Newquay International Airport Lobby  (DENIAL) is a new, possibly somewhat short-lived campaign group which loves to fly – we will be out on the streets of Truro on Saturday 5th December from
10.30am in Pydar Street, with various cranky types – delivering our message of Live Today and Die Tomorrow and urging people to fly, fly and fly some more.

Come and meet our upstanding committee: a pilot, an air stewardess or two and CEO of Warm Air plc will be on hand to answer local hacks enquiries…

There’ll be comedy poems, some music and whatever else turns up……………..

EVERYONE WELCOME.  Join in the fun – bring a banner (we have some slogans if you’re in need of inspiration) or help give out our special climate change xmas gifts to shoppers; harangue us if you like or maybe simply gawp…..

Proud to be IN DENIAL!