Why a Freeshop?

1 February, 2010

We live in an age of hyper-consumption and waste – a time when people buy on a whim and trash things with every shift in fashion.  Landfill sites are overflowing with perfectly useful bits and pieces, supermarkets fill bins to bursting with perfectly edible food and incinerators burn 24 hours a day, filling our air with cancerous dioxins, in a desperate attempt to destroy all the things we so desperately ‘needed’ only last ‘season’.
And that’s not to mention the tonnes of earth we dig up, the wars we start and the lives we ruin in sweatshops around the world to make the crap in the first place!

This consumer nightmare has got to stop!


Freeshops are community-led initiatives aimed at promoting the ideas of recycling, sustainability, and co-operation, where items are simply given away to whoever wants them.  Kernow Action Now! is running regular freeshops around Cornwall to celebrate and encourage community co-operation and sharing, over consumerism and waste culture.  The freeshops will also act as information hub for radical ideas and actions across Cornwall and beyond.

If you have something you want to contribute to the freeshop (ideas or stuff) , please contact us: kernowaction@gmail.com

Kernow Action Now! (KAN!) is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based group that supports, promotes and encourages all forms of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the destruction of our communities and the planet.


20 January, 2010

The next KAN! freeshop will be running from 1-3pm on Saturday 6 February.

We will be running the Freeshop in Penzance.

Hope to see you there!


4 January, 2010

The next KAN! freeshop will be running from 1-3pm on Saturday 9 January.

We will be running the Freeshop Falmouth (outside the old Woolworths).

Hope to see you there!

Cornish Woodcraft Folk join forces with KAN! for Freeshops

22 November, 2009

The Woodcraft Folk is a youth organisation dedicated to “building a world based on equality, peace, social justice and co-operation”.  They have recently decided to join KAN! in the fight against consumption and greed by getting involved with our Freeshops!


KAN! Freeshop To Be Launched on Buy Nothing Day

15 November, 2009

On Saturday 28 November, a “Freeshop” stall will be held in Falmouth. Items on the stall will be available for free and donations of old books, clothes and bric a brac are welcome.

The Freeshop is being organised by Kernow Action Now!, a grassroots social and ecological direct action group, to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day is an international day of action against consumerism and corporate exploitation.

Michelle Roberts from KAN! said,

“We’re holding the Freeshop to celebrate and encourage community cooperation and sharing, over consumerism and waste culture. We’d love for you to get involved.”

The Freeshop will be held on Saturday 28 November from 1-3pm outside Woolworths. If successful, similar stalls will be held once a month in different towns around Cornwall.

KAN! to launch Cornwall Free Shop (Help Needed)

16 September, 2009

KAN! are organising a regular Freeshop*/Food Not Bombs** style stall for Cornwall.   The aim is to highlight the ridiculous amounts of food waste in this country and to show the benefits and possibilities of mutual aid and community solidarity.

Our next meeting (7pm, 6 October 2009 @ The Front, Custom House Quay, Falmouth) will focus on developing this project and getting on with the practicalities of making it happen.

If you can help out with this, please come along.

Some help we need:  Surplus food from your vege plot, clothes, toys, etc etc that you no longer want/need.  Much more I’m sure.

Please come along….

*Freeshops:   “…a form of constructive direct action that provides a shopping alternative to the capitalist framework, allowing people to exchange goods and services outside of a money-based economy….”     [source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Give-away_shop]

**Food Not Bombs: http://www.foodnotbombs.net