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22 February, 2010

KAN is happy to publicise all actions and community events that educate and inform people about, or prevent, the exploitation of the environment and the community.  This includes reports of actions (sent anonymously and securely) that inflict economic damage on those profiting from the destruction of the environment and the community, and on institutions that are classist and exploitative, so long as all necessary precautions are taken against harming any animal – human or non-human. We do not support and will not publicise actions that are racist, sexist or homophobic.

To contact us, send us useful information or leaflets, write to:

c/o Unit 1356
PO Box 7169
BH15 9EL

Cornish Squat Directory – Call for Support and Listings

8 February, 2010

International Squatting Symbol

Kernow Action Now! are calling on people to supply information on any empty buildings that they are aware of across Cornwall which may be suitable for squatting.

Cornwall is being destroyed by second homes and holiday homes. Some villages have less than than 20% of houses occupied by local families.  Although Cornwall has some of the lowest paid workers in the UK, house prices are among the highest, pushed up by people from outside Cornwall.

Contact us on or come to one of our meetings.  As things develop, we hope to help people hook up with others looking to squat as well as a list of possible homes.

More information on squatting (from the Advisory Service for Squatters) is below….

Squatting Made Simple

Squatting means occupying empty buildings. Normally, it means homeless people finding somewhere to live, for a while at least, but what people do with the space they occupy is up to them. The following is a very basic guide. For more information or if you have any problems contact the Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS).


In England and Wales squatting is not a crime, though there are some issues that could crop up, dealt with below. Squatting is a civil matter to be resolved in the civil courts between the squatters and the owners. The owners have legal ways and procedures to have squatters evicted and cannot legally use force or threats. Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 makes it an offence to force entry to a building which is occupied, and this includes squats. Most squatters have on display or available a copy of the Legal Warning explaining this law and their rights. You can get one from ASS.


There are thousands of empty properties, some of which are more obvious than others. Normally you will have to keep an eye on a place to make sure it is empty. It is best to research a place thoroughly before you squat it by finding out who the owner is and what (if anything) is going on. If you don’t have time for this, look and ask around, or check for lists and notice boards at ASS and other places. Help other people by passing on information about empties you have seen. Places that have been empty for a few months or more can last longer, but there is no guarantee.


Many empty properties can be walked into as they have become insecure through vandalism. You do not want to commit “criminal damage” and the police may try to accuse you of this, but they would only be able to do anything if there were witnesses.  Once you are in, you should change the locks or secure every door and other way in so that you control entry and are physically, as well as legally, protected. You should repair any damage done by other people straight away.


The police should know that squatting is a civil matter and that squatters have the same rights to protection as anyone else. Don’t open the door to them. The Legal Warning can help explain things clearly. You should be able to convince them that you have not done anything wrong, that you didn’t damage anything and that you are arranging to pay any relevant bills. Be polite but firm. They should leave you alone, but they do have some rights of entry in some circumstances. In the unlikely event that you are arrested, you have the right to a solicitor without any cost: ASS know some good ones in London. You have the right to make one phone call. The police must release you within 24 hours, or charge you. You do not have to tell them anything other than your name, address and date of birth and you should not do so.


There should always be someone in the place as this is what gives you your legal protection. The owners can evict you if they find the place empty. If you do have to leave it empty, leave a radio on so it appears you are home. If you send a letter to yourself at your new address this can help persuade the police you live there. When you move in you should note the reading on the electricity and gas meters and contact the suppliers telling them you wish to start paying for the fuel. A copy of such a letter can help show the police you are trying to pay. Contact by phone can be easier. Don’t tell them you are squatting, as then they do not have a duty to supply you.


It is good to have your neighbours on your side, so talk to them and try not to alienate them. They may have useful information about the property and may be able to keep an eye out for you, or help pressure the owners to leave you alone.


If you did not research the ownership of the place before you moved in, do it as soon afterwards as you can. There is no simple link between types of owners and how a good a place will be. In general local councils and Housing Associations are more likely to be slow and inefficient and small private companies more likely to try something illegal. A “For Sale” sign probably means you will be evicted quickly, except when property prices have collapsed. The local council’s Planning Department has a register of all planning applications and decisions which you can see online. This will tell you who, if anyone, has made an application or got permission. The Land Registry records ownership of most places. You can get the details for a particular place at It costs £3 per place (with a credit or debit card). If there is both a freehold and leasehold owner registered, the leaseholder is the one with rights to the place who can evict you. Once you are inside you will find more useful information in the mail and any documents left around. Keep them all carefully. It is rarely worth contacting the owners first, because as long as they don’t know you are there they can’t evict you. It is often worth trying to come to a deal with them. It can be in their interests to have you looking after their property, and if they evict you they may just have to go to the trouble and expense of evicting another lot of squatters, or some more expensive form of security.


You can be evicted if nobody is in, or if the owner or agents can get in without having to use force or violence. You can be evicted if the place was not really empty. This is extremely rare, but owners sometimes pretend. Somebody who was living in the place immediately before you moved in is a Displaced Residential Occupier (DRO) and they can get the police to evict you, without needing any paperwork. If it is clear to you that nobody could have been living in the property you will have to argue with them and the police. You can also be evicted on behalf of a Protected Intending Occupier (PIO). This is someone who is a tenant or owner of the place and was about to move in straight away, but was prevented at the last minute because you moved in instead. If the tenant of a Council or Housing Association, they need an appropriate certificate. If an owner or private tenant, they need a statement signed before a magistrate or solicitor and they can be charged if found to be lying. It is common for a “PIO” to turn out to be bogus, and challenges often succeed. Illegal evictions do sometimes happen. Contact ASS and keep in touch so we can take action.


The usual way to be evicted is through a court case. You do not have to go to court, but it is normally a good idea and there are often ways to get more time. ASS know the law better than most owners or their solicitors, and better than many judges (though they are harder to convince). If the owners have applied for an Interim Possession Order and succeeded, you will have 24 hours (from when the court order is served) to move out, or could be arrested. An ordinary Possession Order (which is more common) has to be enforced by a court bailiff evicting you, which can take some time. You should get notice of when they are coming, but this is not guaranteed. It is worth trying to call them.

For more info read the SQUATTERS HANDBOOK 13th Edition £1.50 (£2 incl. post) from ASS.

Why a Freeshop?

1 February, 2010

We live in an age of hyper-consumption and waste – a time when people buy on a whim and trash things with every shift in fashion.  Landfill sites are overflowing with perfectly useful bits and pieces, supermarkets fill bins to bursting with perfectly edible food and incinerators burn 24 hours a day, filling our air with cancerous dioxins, in a desperate attempt to destroy all the things we so desperately ‘needed’ only last ‘season’.
And that’s not to mention the tonnes of earth we dig up, the wars we start and the lives we ruin in sweatshops around the world to make the crap in the first place!

This consumer nightmare has got to stop!


Freeshops are community-led initiatives aimed at promoting the ideas of recycling, sustainability, and co-operation, where items are simply given away to whoever wants them.  Kernow Action Now! is running regular freeshops around Cornwall to celebrate and encourage community co-operation and sharing, over consumerism and waste culture.  The freeshops will also act as information hub for radical ideas and actions across Cornwall and beyond.

If you have something you want to contribute to the freeshop (ideas or stuff) , please contact us:

Kernow Action Now! (KAN!) is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based group that supports, promotes and encourages all forms of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the destruction of our communities and the planet.

Get Involved!

28 December, 2009

A Bit of Falmouth Graffiti

KAN in DENIAL about climate change (!)

30 November, 2009

Demand Expanded Newquay International Airport Lobby  (DENIAL) is a new, possibly somewhat short-lived campaign group which loves to fly – we will be out on the streets of Truro on Saturday 5th December from
10.30am in Pydar Street, with various cranky types – delivering our message of Live Today and Die Tomorrow and urging people to fly, fly and fly some more.

Come and meet our upstanding committee: a pilot, an air stewardess or two and CEO of Warm Air plc will be on hand to answer local hacks enquiries…

There’ll be comedy poems, some music and whatever else turns up……………..

EVERYONE WELCOME.  Join in the fun – bring a banner (we have some slogans if you’re in need of inspiration) or help give out our special climate change xmas gifts to shoppers; harangue us if you like or maybe simply gawp…..

Proud to be IN DENIAL!

KAN to support “Target Barclays: Global Investors in Death”

25 November, 2009

28th November is a day of action against Barclays to launch the Target Barclays campaign.  KAN! will be holding a picket at Falmouth Barclays – please contact us for further details.

Smash EDO’s five year campaign of direct action against EDO MDM/ITT, aimed at persuading them to stop producing weapons components in Brighton, is an inspiring one, especially to local campaigners. EDO MDM/ITT is  a weapons factory whose components are used by the US and UK in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel in Palestine.

Smash EDO’s tactics have engaged people on a local and a national level with regular noise demos and acts of sabotage at the factory  – including £300,000 of damage in a decomissioning action during the Gaza invasion – and occasional national demonstrations held either at the factory or in the centre of Brighton.  The campaign has fought large amounts of State/corporate harassment and intimidation, including EDO attempting but failing to get an injunction against  protesters.

Their new campaign asks people to take action to stop Barclays providing market maker services to ITT.  Barclays Banks are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) market maker for ITT Corporation. ITT Corporation own EDO MBM/ITT in Brighton.

As ITT’s market maker, Barclay’s acts as a ‘middle man’, purchasing shares from a seller and holding them until such a time as a buyer becomes available. This ensures the stability of ITT’s share price by allowing shareholders to sell off their assets at any time, even when a a buyer is not immediately available, and vice versa. Barclay’s also profits from this enterprise by selling ITT’s shares at a small markup, which nevertheless generates a considerable income when spread across large sales.

For more information on ‘market makers’ click here.

Smash EDO are calling for autonomous actions against Barclays Bank to force them to stop providing ‘market maker’ services for ITT Corporation on the NYSE. By performing marker services for ITT Barclays Bank are profiting from EDO’s complicity in civilian deaths in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Barclays are the largest UK investor in the global arms trade. Bankers and institutional investors are the glue that finances the state terror wreaked by the arms trade. Companies like EDO do not operate in a vacuum but are propped up by the networks of corporations and investors which constitute the global capitalist system which puts profit before peace, greed before people.

18th January – Remember Gaza – Smash EDO Mass Demo – contact KAN for details of transport from Cornwall.

The trial for the EDO decommissioners is due to start in May 2010.  Meanwhile one defendant, Elijah Smith has been in prison for ten months on remand following the action.  Send letters and cards of support to: Elijah Smith, c/o PO Box 6, Booty, 82 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5BB.

Campaign & Direct Action Workshop

8 November, 2009

Kernow Action Now! is to participate in the Cornwall Community Climate Forum Campaign Skills Workshop.   The CCCF is running this free workshop from 10am on Saturday 28 November 2009 at the Old Richard Lander School in Truro (Tresawles Road,  TR1 3LD).

The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss the diverse range of skills and tactics that have been used in the fight against climate change and social injustice.

Speakers at this event are Mike Birkin from Friends of the Earth, Howard Balmer, a campaigner with groups including Climate Friendly St Merryn, Greenpeace and Plane Stupid and Emily Apple from Fitwatch and Kernow Action Now.

Anyone interested in attending this event should contact Rob Pickering at