The Blacksmith – Issue One

8 February, 2010

We have put together our first News Sheet.

Why a News Sheet?

All local Cornish print media is owned by The Daily Mail group making it impossible to read local news untainted by a right wing, quasi racist agenda.

Whilst this issue is small and focussed on KAN activities, we aim to expand the news sheet, providing a voice for resistance and rebellion in Cornwall.  We are not Cornish nationalists, but
anarchists who reject all notions of state control.  We have pride in our communities and rage at
their destruction.

The Blacksmith?

The name comes from Michael Joseph— aka—Michael An Gof— (An Gof meaning The Blacksmith)—who led the Cornish rebellion in 1497 against a king raising taxes to fight the Scots.  Cornwall has a long history of resistance and rebellion which should be honoured and must be continued.

Please get involved—send us your news and events and reclaim the media.

Other alternative news sources: