Taking the fight against millionaire tax-dodger Phillip Green to Cornwall

A message from the Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance:

Anti-cuts activists, students and local campaigners will be congregating on Lemon Quay at 11am this Saturday, the 18th to try and close as many of Phillip Green’s shops as possible and spread the message that it’s time Britain’s rich paid up.

Across the country on December 18th, protesters will take a stand against tax evasion, which costs the government fifteen times more than benefit fraud in lost revenue (amounting to approximately £14bn a year), and tax avoidance which amounts to over £25bn a year – a substantial proportion of total cost of the cuts that will affect the poorest and most vulnerable up and down the country. Despite these shocking statistics, the coalition have appointed Philip Green, a known tax dodger, as a government advisor on public sector cuts. This man will be overseeing the swingeing austerity measures whilst effectively stealing from the economy.

Phillip Green has siphoned off over £1bn to his wife in Monaco over the past few years. His businesses are run in her name to dodge millions of pounds in tax – despite him being the real owner and head of the Arcadia group. At a time when the government is making over £80bn in cuts to jobs and essential services, Sir Phillip is getting away with disgusting levels of tax-avoidance, tax which should be going towards protecting working people’s jobs and livelihoods.

As you may have already seen, his retail group Arcadia (which encompasses Topshop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans etc) has already been targeted with occupations and protests in London, but on December 18th, this will be made into a national movement and we will aim to close his shops all over the country.

Come to Lemon Quay in Truro at 11am this Saturday and show Phillip Green that this movement is everywhere – from the heart of Cornwall to the most northern parts of Scotland. Let’s shut down the tax-dodgers in our city and make the rich pay what they owe the public.

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