Update from Cornwall Animal Action

Update from Cornwall Animal Action:

Upcoming events:

    In support of Lush’s nationwide greyhound protection campaign.  Lush shop assistants will be wearing running numbers and carrying placards saying “Don’t bet on it! Help end greyhound racing!” and customers will be invited to join in and try to win a small prize by participating in a human race. Where possible, Lush would also like rescued greyhounds to be present.  (see http://greyhound-action.blogspot.com/2010/09/lush-to-launch-greyhound-protection.html for more information).

    People are needed to hand out leaflets and bring along their greyhounds if they have one!

    If you can’t make it along to a Lush store on the 13th, but can do  so on other days during that week (with or without greyhounds), your support will still be appreciated, as each store will have hundreds of leaflets for distribution to customers and passers-by. Please let the store/greyhound action know if you would like to participate. A few of us are going along on the 13th.

  • *COSTA Coffee protest email and demonstrations date tbc*
    Please email Whitbread (owners of COSTA coffee) and (politely) complain about their use of wild primates in their latest TV ad, asking them to pull the ad! If we apply enough pressure along with the below Welfare groups (see article) they may pull it and we can set an example to other companies. customer.relations@whitbread.com

    Great article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/10/costa-coffee-primates-monkey-ad

    Demonstrations/leafleting sessions have been suggested at COSTA stores, would any one be up for this? This would need to happen ASAP as the advert is running from now for a month so we need to act quick to get it pulled.

    PLEASE EMAIL BACK ASAP IF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED/can arrange a demo near you.

  • Tues 19th October, 3.30pm City Hall Truro
    *Next CAA meeting/social*
    We are going to see the venue for the Vegan Fair and draw up a table plan, decide on decorations, wall poster positions etc. We will then be going onto a nearby restaurant Chantek http://www.chantek.co.uk/ afterwards for some social time! If you would like to come along please let us know so we can book.

Yours for the animals,

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