Incinerator Inquiry

This is a message from a member of the Transition Cornwall Network. Please support them and the anti-incinerator group STIG:

“Inquiry going OK, lots of good points being made by the Council (nb. Council is fighting against incinerator proposal) and their witnesses. The other objector (Rule 6 Parties) start next week. Put up a good showing and we can win this.

To show support for the objections please would as many people as
possible send a note to Brenda Taplin who is the programme officer:

I am happy to help anyone who is keen to speak with a few words if they are not sure, so far 30 people registered and we need lots more!!! We need a wide variety of reasons for objections not just the St Dennis ones of not ruining my life in the village.

TCN case is meant to be 7th 8th and 9th April. It may be later than that as the timetable goes slower than intended.

Be good to see you there then, more moral support needed… Location: Kingsley Village on A30 at Fraddon….

If we band together on this, we can win. St Dennis puts up more than 20 people each day to go into the Inquiry and sit there to show solidarity. It does not go unnoticed by the Inspector. Let us join in and win for Cornwall.”


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