The Blacksmith – Issue One

We have put together our first News Sheet.

Why a News Sheet?

All local Cornish print media is owned by The Daily Mail group making it impossible to read local news untainted by a right wing, quasi racist agenda.

Whilst this issue is small and focussed on KAN activities, we aim to expand the news sheet, providing a voice for resistance and rebellion in Cornwall.  We are not Cornish nationalists, but
anarchists who reject all notions of state control.  We have pride in our communities and rage at
their destruction.

The Blacksmith?

The name comes from Michael Joseph— aka—Michael An Gof— (An Gof meaning The Blacksmith)—who led the Cornish rebellion in 1497 against a king raising taxes to fight the Scots.  Cornwall has a long history of resistance and rebellion which should be honoured and must be continued.

Please get involved—send us your news and events and reclaim the media.

Other alternative news sources:

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4 Responses to The Blacksmith – Issue One

  1. Your campaigning work looks excellent. Please could you keep us in touch at the League. Reading your newsletter, it is surprising how many of our campaigns match yours. Yes we are nationalists but much of what you write is so true.

  2. celliott73 says:


    I’m sure we may find places to work together.

    I am a staunch believer in bio-regionalism and cultural autonomy. However, I do not support the building of nation states. I’m quite happy to help reclaim Cornwall from ‘English Imperialism’ but not to replace it with another inequitable system that just sees the working class of Cornwall oppressed by a Cornish Elite instead of the current English one.

  3. Hello there,

    I was wondering what your POV is on syndicalism and unions? I’ve already mentioned Breton Anarchists in a previous communication, well, this time it’s the turn of a Breton labour union movement.

    You can find a link to Sindikad Labourerien Breizh here:

  4. […] An Gof (The Smith).  1497 has cast a long shadow across Cornwall indeed. Cornish anarchists -Kernow Action- are the latest to pay tribute to the Cornish who fought in our numerous uprising with the […]

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