Gaza Remembrance Organised for Falmouth

Protests in Falmouth on 18 January will mark the anniversary of the final day of the Gaza invasion.  The demonstration will be staged at the Falmouth branch of Barclays from 10am.

The demonstration has been organised by Kernow Action Now! to coincide with both the end of the Gaza invasion and the national demonstration against weapons supplier EDO MBM/ITT being held in Brighton.

Emma Gold, from KAN! said:
“As well as being the UK’s largest investor in the arms trade, Barclays are the Market Maker for Brighton-based EDO MBM/ITT.  This company supplies weapons to the Israeli Army.  Barclay’s support of the death trade should not go unchallenged.”



1.  Kernow Action Now! is a grassroots social and ecological direct action group based in Cornwall.  For further information email or visit

2.  For three weeks in January 2009, the bombs rained down on Gaza. At the end of Israel’s bombing campaign and ground offensive over 1400 Palestinians had been killed, including 314 children.

3.  The ‘Remember Gaza Mass Demonstration’ in Brighton has been organised by Smash EDO (


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